Securistec provides you with cutting edge consulting services for your organization's security program to ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability.  

Security Threats

Determination of security threats comes through our multi-layered approach.  By aligning resources to address asset vulnerabilities we are able to address emerging and evolving threats, simplify management processes and increase overall visibility via a thoughtfully designed security governance strategy. 

Return on Investment
Return on Investment

By providing a high (ROI) return on investment to our clients we can offer the most competitive rates for both security risk assessments and findings remediation plans.  The overall cost for disaster recovery and implementation of business continuity plans, or the penalties of a regulatory compliance audit, offsets the initial investment that a comprehensive security risk assessment and findings remediation plan provides.

Strategic Partnerships

We are able to provide strategic security program partnerships to those organizations that may not maintain an in-house Information Security function but are still looking for the business tools, security assessments and ongoing risk support needed to ensure that they are meeting their security obligations, best practices and ensure regulatory compliance.  

Additionally, for those businesses that do maintain their own information Security infrastructure, the Securistec team of professionals can provide control validation and testing for verification that your in-house processes are functioning appropriately.

Consulting Services

We can work with you to provide consulting services for establishing data centers, network infrastructure, unified communications, mobility and business process outsourcing.  Securistec can work with you to determine your business systems infrastructure needs based on your current business model and expected future growth.  We will help you meet your business objectives!